Get Rid of All Types Of Arthritis Using This 2 in 1 Bone Cure Solution – 100% Guaranteed!

Based on 47 scientific studies as well as a hidden secret from India.

Dear friend,

Imagine for a moment your arthritis vanishing right now.

If, in a moment, your pain and stiffness melted away. And your joints all of a sudden functioned like a well-oiled machine.

Like a magic wand was waived, you’d be able to jump up from your chair and run around the room like a kid.

And imagine that you’d never have to suffer as much as a pinch of arthritis stiffness or pain ever again.

I know this sounds impossible right now, but bear with me, because sometimes miracles happen.


This is exactly what happened to me in a location I least expected!

My name is Uche Igbokwe , and I know how much you are suffering. I'm 63 years old and I was diagnosed with premature arthritis almost 30 years ago.

I did not know about my illness, but I was aware of the constant pains that I had to face on a daily basis.

When you're young, you think that this kind of thing only happens to others, but this time unfortunately, I was wrong. The pain started overnight , without warning.

One day I wanted to get up, and I couldn't. My knees were “burning” me. I felt terrible pain in all the joints. At first I didn't attach much importance to it, but when the pains started to get worse and worse, I started to worry.

I started to undergo treatment, which only gave very poor results , despite having invested large sums of money.

As the years went by, my pains got worse . I was over 40 years old, but my body was showing me a much older age. Arthritis had taken hold of my life.

The pain was with me all day. From waking up to going to bed. I had difficulty dressing, driving and could no longer play my favorite sports. I was doomed.

"Arthritis Has Taken Over My Life"

The problem grafted onto my workplace. My typing speed on the computer was not the same, and my pains forced me to be absent more and more often. I was exhausting my manager's patience until one day his patience ran out and they decided to fire me.

I was 63 years old, I was out of work and I couldn't stand my body anymore. I suffered from a real pain in life. I plunged into a dark depression .

I did not leave my house. I got out of bed with difficulty. My wife and children were extremely worried. We couldn't find a way out.

The drugs were no longer working. The only thing they did was tire me out and make me want to sleep. But the pain didn't go away.

I couldn't find a way out

I couldn't have SEX with my wife and this was affecting my marriage , and that was another issue that made my life even more miserable.

One day I decided that my life had to change. I couldn't go on like this anymore. I could no longer let myself be overcome by this disease. My family didn't deserve it. I didn't deserve it either.

I gathered strength that I really didn't have and decided to fight my problem. I wasn't sure where to start, but I knew where I wanted to go: find a solution to fight arthritis.

I started to read, research and find out everything I could learn about the disease. I interviewed doctors, old people, “young people” who had the same problem as me. Little by little I discovered new things about this pathology, which brought me closer and closer to the solution.

To my surprise, MANY people suffer from arthritis . This problem does not discriminate as to age or sex, these effects are varied, and in all cases, very painful.

How an Indian Secret Herb changed my life.

I started to research arthritis all over the world. The numbers are truly amazing. Arthritis is currently the number 1 most common disease in the western world , aside from heart disease and diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control reports that 1 in 6 people have arthritis. There are 46 million people (in the United States alone) who suffer like you, and like me before.

Another fact that caught my attention was that arthritis does not affect all countries the same. Arthritis is completely unknown in countries like Japan, although it has more elderly people "at risk" than Western countries. Indeed, many Asian languages do not even have a word for "arthritis".

This is where I needed to focus my research, and that's what I did. After several months of research, which included 2 trips to Japan and 1 to China, I came up with the solution I had been looking for for so long .

I decided to put into practice all the knowledge I had acquired, and who better than me to test it ?! That's what I did.

The Results Were Surprising

I started the treatment and within a few days I was able to see the results. My joints were reacting like they hadn't been for years. My leg pain was relieved over the days. I no longer had the pain of living.

After 3 weeks my pain had completely disappeared. I was full of energy and enviable vitality.

My improvement was visible. My family and friends couldn't believe how I had been able to heal so drastically in such a short time. To be honest with you, I couldn't believe it either.

But, what should I do now? How was I to continue with this? I wanted to help people, but honestly I didn't know how to do it. The method had worked for me, but I wasn't sure if it would work for others.

I started to test my method on the people I had interviewed and who had shown a good predisposition. The results were surprising.

No matter the gender, age, or severity of ailments, the method actually worked.

The Method Actually Works

Little by little word started to spread about the treatment and people started to gather at my place. Every day many people came to know “the secret”. That's what they called it.

It was there that I decided that I needed to publicize this treatment. I had to stop the evil of millions of people. I had to make this system something solid.

This is how I created the most effective book ever written to cure arthritis, the natural way and in less than 3 weeks.


96% Of People Cured Their Arthritis Problems

People who have tried it really recommend it. The success rate is 96%. This means that out of 100 people who tested it, 96 cured their arthritis-related disorders.

The best part is, it worked for ALL types of arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gout

…and every other type of arthritis I’ve ever come across.


An incredible advantage of this functional medicine I will also like to point out to you is that it has no single side effect.

Compared to the traditional medicine, that comes with diverse kinds of side effects, from feeling nauseated to rashes and itching and to the point of being afraid of getting Ulcer

The 2 in 1 Bone Cure is purely organic and natural, hence, the safety advantage it has over the traditional medicine.

So, How Much Is The Cost Of The 2-in-1 Powerful Arthritis Solution

How much do you think the One month plan will cost? #60,000 right? 

How much do you think the Two month plan will cost? #120,000 right?

How much do you think the Three month plan will cost? #180,000 right?

Yes, we know it should cost that much because of how effective it works. But, we won't give you at that price...

We originally sell one month plan for just #50,000 and it still worth every dime paid...

Because the result is massive compared to the cost...

BUT... For Today only...


Instead of #50,000 for the one month plan you will get it for just #39,500.

Instead of #80,000 for the two month plan you will get it for just #59,500.

Instead of #110,000 for the three month plan you will get it for just #79,500.

1 month plan


2 months plan


Stop Suffering From Your Arthritis

Arthritis is a degenerative disease , which will only deteriorate your joints if not treated properly. As we know you and I, the pain this causes is terrible, and gets worse as the days go by, becoming unbearable.

Arthritis limits us physically and psychologically. 
We stop doing what we used to do. We stop enjoying everyday activities which become much difficult than they should.

These moments of suffering are over. With "Take Control of Your Arthritis ™", you can leave all those bad times behind in less than 3 weeks. Your pains and constraints will only be

Don't let illness get you down. Here are testimonials from past users

Risk Free Decision  

I am so confident in my product that I will offer something that no one in the arthritis industry would be able to offer. With the purchase of 2 in 1 Bone Cure Product I offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. You heard right!

I will give you all the money back if the product does not totally convince you. Without embarrassing questions, without reproach. If you are not satisfied, the only thing you have to do is send me an email and a few hours later you will have your money in your account.

96% efficiency of my product makes this possible. This system really works. To make this decision even easier for you, I will give you a 60 day guarantee You will have a product that will completely free you from your arthritis and if you are not completely satisfied you have a 60 day guarantee during which we will refund all the money invested. .

 An offer that's hard to refuse, isn't it?

Do not waste anymore time

I am making you an offer that you will hardly refuse. Make arthritis pain a thing of the past, it sounds like it's priceless, right? You are right. Good health is precious and that is why for a very limited time I am offering you this discount price.

The regular price of the program is N150,000, but for more people to cure their suffering, I offer it for only N39,500 .

Unfortunately, this price is not going to last long. If you think about it for a moment,N39,500 is small compared to Arthritis pain. And we're talking about your health here!


One Problem, Two Possibilities

Unfortunately, if you are reading these lines, it's because arthritis is already a part of your life. It is a reality and so far there was nothing to be done against it.

You have the choice between two paths. You can continue as until now to suffer the pains of your disease on a daily basis, continue to spend thousands of euros on drugs and treatments that do not work and deprive you of doing what you really want, or else regain control of the situation.

I put at your disposal what you have been looking for all these years. The 2 in 1 Bone Cure Solution will make you born again. You will be able to enjoy your body like when you were young. No more pills, no more visits to the doctor or therapist, no more suffering.

The solution is at your fingertips and at a very affordable price. Now it's up to you to make the decision.


  • I Have been suffering from Arthritis for more than 5 years Will it work for me?

It doesn’t matter how long you have had arthritis. This 2 in 1 formula has a specific way of healing you as I have said. It restores your bone from within and the balm gives you soothing relief from outside. We have testimonies of those who suffered from arthritis for more than 7 years.

  • Why this Price?

Well, first I think you should see the fee as an investment not an expenditure. Think of benefit of living an ARTHRITIS FREE LIFE. Think of how your life will be if you can KNACK your wife like never before. Infact, the price should tell you that what you are about to buy is QUALITY and works a lot compared to everything else you have used.

The price is nothing compared to the VALUE of the medication.

  • Does this 2 in 1 Bone Restoration Combo have any side effects?

If you are asking about negative side effect then you have nothing to worry about. This Capsule and Balm was carefully manufactured and it has no negative side effect on the human body.

  • How exactly do I use this 2 in 1 Bone Restoration Combo?

Take One Capsule of BOSCURE in the Morning and One at Night daily. 

While you use the Cream (BONIAC 1000X) on the Pain Areas for relief.

  • How Do I order for this 2 in 1 Bone Restoration Combo?

To order all you have to do is click on the order now button and it will lead you to an order form where you’ll provide your correct details.

  • How do I pay for my package?

You only pay for your package at the point of deliver. When our delivery agent brings the product to you then you pay directly to him.

  • How do I Receive my package?

Once your order is confirmed we will ship out your product immediately and our delivery agent will bring it to the address you provided on the order form. In other words it will be brought to your doorstep.