How a secret Indian Herb saved me from 13 years of Unbearably Painful Back pains and Arthritis

If you are suffering from any form of back pain, then this is the most important message you will ever read.

Living with back pain is a terrible experience and it is not something that I wish anyone goes through.

But the good news is that you can permanently cure your lower back pain using a highly effective Indian Herbal Medication, which I will be showing you in this article…

Let me explain with this short story

My name is Uche and I started having back pain about 13 years ago.

At the time, I was very active – I used to play Tennis every weekend, play with my kids during the day and had a healthy sexual relationship with my wife.

Then one day while trying to move furniture around in my house, my back started to hurt.

At first the pain started at my lower back – mostly on the right side but it soon spread down to my buttocks area.

Most times I will feel this intense pain after taking a walk or sitting down for a very long time

Most times the pain will get better after adjusting my body a bit, but the pain never disappeared completely.

The worst pain was the intense sharp pain I always felt whenever I bent down forward or backward.

For this reason, driving was very uncomfortable to me

I would rather stand up than sit down

I could not bend down to pick up my kids without experiencing excruciating back pains

Lying on my back was the only thing that seemed to ease the pain – but I could not stay on my back forever

Then my back pain became so consuming that I had to limit, then eventually quit all physical activities.

The pain was really Terrible.

One day while at home, I tried to pick up my daughter off the floor, and the pain hit me so hard I almost dropped her on the ground

It was at this point that I knew, I needed to do something FAST

I began seeing a specialist and was told I had a bulging disc. 

This came with some therapy and injections in my back, but unfortunately this did not bring any relief. 

The pain was so bad that I gave up looking for solutions for a while.

I allowed the pain to dictate my life and began to lose hope until a friend asked me one day “Why are you not doing anything for yourself?” You are a strong, educated, tireless advocate for others who never takes no for an answer.

I began seeing another specialist and had more injections and physical therapy. 

I was also prescribed pain medications, despite my wishes to manage the pain without it.

The pain meds offered some relief but not enough – sleeping, sitting and driving became nearly impossible.

This led to my cycle of torment and mental anguish, and the realization that I was maxed out on pain pills, patches and injections while increasing my debt without any relief or hope.

The medications were expensive but not treating my pain. 

The one thing that caused me major embarrassment was that I could not have SEX regularly with my wife

What kind of a man am I if I lack in bedroom activities?

One day while watching National Geographic on the television, I saw a documentary about an ancient Indian herb which Chinese people have used for years to get instant relief from back pain

In my desperate situation, I decided to give it one last try.

At first, I expected this to end in failure and dejection again. 

But after using this medication daily for a week, something strange happened.

I noticed that I started having instant relief in my lower back. 

I also noticed that I was able to walk around pain free without needing painkillers or medications

For the first time in years, I felt hopeful

Within one week of commencing this treatment, I was noticeably feeling better and by the end of two weeks was almost pain free with a full range of movement achieved. 

At the end of 4 weeks, I was feeling great and have since been pain free.

I was so happy I decided to become an advocate for this herbal supplement – why not? It had helped me a lot, I might as well share the good news with my friends and family members


2 in 1 Bone Restoration Combo

How It Works

One of the many active ingredients in Bone Cure is a safe and highly effective natural enzyme that controls inflammation and pain. 

It has been used successfully for decades in Europe and Asia for its anti- inflammation benefits, and its ability to support healthy energy levels.

Bone Cure is the first product of its kind to also include the amazing pain-killing enzyme that has been so successful in India, Germany and Asia.

It re-ignites every cell in your body with a potent supply of enzymes and powerful herbal compounds that work better when combined, making them synergistic.

Test subjects report being “PAIN FREE… and HAVING MORE ENERGY, FOCUS and DRIVE!”

It’s almost if your body “resets itself” to feel like it did in the prime of your life.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%


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I Have been suffering from Arthritis for more than 5 years Will it work for me?

It doesn’t matter how long you have had arthritis. this 2 in 1 formula has a specific way of healing you as I have said. it restores your bone from within and the balm gives you soothing relief from outside. We have testimonies of those who suffered from arthritis for more than 7 years.

Does this 2 in 1 Bone Restoration Combo have any side effects?

If your’re asking about negative side effect then you have nothing to worry about. This Capsule and Balm was carefully manufactured and it has no negative side effect on the human body.

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How exactly do I use this 2 in 1 Bone Restoration Combo?

Take One Capsule of BOSCURE in the Morning and One at Night daily. 

While you use the Cream (BONIAC 1000X) on the Pain Areas for relief.

How Do I order for this 2 in 1 Bone Restoration Combo?

To order all you have to do is click on the order now button and it will lead you to an order form where you’ll provide your correct details.

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How do I Receive my package?

Once your order is confirmed we will ship out your product immediately and our delivery agent will bring it to the address you provided on the order form. In other words it will be brought to your doorstep.

How Long will it take to be delivered?

Once your order is shipped out it will take withing 48 hours to be delivered anywhere in the country.

How do I pay for my package?

You only pay for your package at the point of deliver. When our delivery agent brings the product to you then you pay directly to him.


In order to prove to you that we are very convinced of the efficacy of our product. 

We are giving you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. What this means is that if after using this product and it does not do anything for you…you have the right to return it and we will refund your money back to you 100%. 

So you have nothing to fear.

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So How Much Exactly Is This 2 in 1 Bone Restoration Combo?

The Original Price for this product is =N=50,000 for One Month Treatment. However in this period we are giving a discount for a limited time.  

But the problem is that there are only 57 pairs remaining in this batch of product and once this batch finishes price returns to =N=50,000 from the next batch. No stories…

WARNING:  Due to the high demand of this Arthritis solution we have made much effort to ensure it is readily available but the current supplies are being ordered for on a daily basis and as at now we have just 57 pieces remaining . We operate a first come first serve basis. 

If this current batch of product finishes which will not be long the price will go back to the normal price. 

So it is in your best interest to order before this limited quantity gets exhausted.

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